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Revolve Biotechnologies, Inc.

Revolve Biotechnologies is a life science company focused on engineering better proteins using novel directed evolution technologies.

The company’s IP portfolio was developed at and licensed from Johns Hopkins University. In addition to its internal protein pipeline, Revolve is currently offering a service for construction of custom DNA variant libraries with industry-leading performance and delivery time.

DNA Variant Libraries

  Industrial   Enzymes

  Binding    Proteins

DNA variant libraries

Laboratory directed evolution is used to engineer desired properties in proteins such as binding specificity, binding affinity, stability, catalytic activity, and expression. The input - a high-quality variant library - is critical to achieving successful results.

Revolve technology allows construction of scanning and combinatorial libraries with minimal wildtype and off-target mutations, high mutational coverage, and low bias. Revolve gives you the ability to comprehensively and efficiently explore vast sequence space that was previously off-limits and attain the results you need.

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Industrial Enzymes

Enzymes are proteins often used for bioprocessing in bio-based chemical production, agribusiness, biofuels, and pharmaceutical manufacture. Improvements in enzyme performance can translate to billion-dollar returns in efficiency, cost-reduction, and profitability. Revolve combinatorial libraries are ideally suited for optimizing the catalytic site for achieving the desired performance characteristics.

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Binding Proteins

Recombinant proteins such as antibodies and their derivatives are used to target specific disease markers for diagnostic, therapeutic, and research applications. These molecules must be engineered for maximal target specificity, affinity, and stability to achieve the desired results.

Revolve’s combinatorial libraries are ideally suited for phage, yeast, and ribosome display-based selections and scanning libraries for affinity maturation.

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